Cannot eat textures

Can't eat meat, can't eat bread, can't eat rice, can't eat pasta…… sound familiar..????


Resigned yourself to a life of sloppies....???? 

Struggle to find something to eat when you go out……..????

Your band journey really doesn't have to be like this. There's no disputing the fact that some

foods can be problematic, stodgy white bread, dense meats, sticky rice for example…

But if your crossing off food groups by the minutes, you really have got to stop and think why…!!!

Is this because your band is simply just too tight…. Or could it be down to the mechanics/compliancy of eating this food group or are simply some foods just never going to go down.

Have you heard of the 20+ rule..??? If not take time out to read this article – it really could change your life.

Ok now you are savvy with the 20+ rule you really need to ask yourself sternly are you applying this rule every time you sit down to a meal. Likeliness is if you've resigned yourself to living a textureless life you might of let this slip along the way, or simple just forgot – we are only human after all.

Firstly give textures another go, apply the 20+ rule and see what happens, also you need to be mindful of how things are cooked, this could be the decider between something going down or not, especially meats – don't forget to cut your food up nice and small and choose your bread products wisely.

If textures simply won't go down you need to make an appointment with your nurse or dietician to discuss further. They might feel an aspiration (having some fluid out) is required.

Don't forget nothing is worth putting your band at risk – an over tight band can lead to more serious complications including erosion, slippage and pouch dilation. So make that appointment now…!!!!!

Ok if this has helped – fabulous news, it's about keeping this up now, practising and not getting complacent or lazy by opting for the sloppier option – Remember every meal should be a chewing challenge.

Don't give up on textures, they really are so important in regards to stimulating the band which will help suppress your appetite and portions - enhancing your weight loss success.


See what your missing out on..!!!!


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