Shannon McGaughey

My name is Shannon. I’m 25, and I had a gastric bypass in December 2019 with Transform Hospital Group. I am 9 months into my weight loss journey and so far I have lost an amazing 9 stone!

I decided to look into weight loss surgery, as I’d felt unhealthy and unhappy with my weight for a while. My biggest driver was that I had a number of weight related health problems. I’d developed arthritis in my knee which gave me quite a lot of pain, I also had problems with asthma – made worse by my extra weight - and my thyroid levels weren’t great at all. I needed to take things into my own hands and do something about it.

I started to look into weight loss surgery and after a while, I had done so much research that it felt like my head was going to pop from all the information I’d gathered! But I kept coming back to Transform Hospital Group, because they just felt like the right fit. All the surgeons’ qualifications were made available to me so that I was able to have real peace of mind that they were experts in their field.

My patient advisor was also really great, and she was always available, which was really reassuring. She was very real with me and went through all the pros and cons of having weight loss surgery – she explained that it wasn’t just a magic wand and that I’d have to work hard to achieve the goals I wanted. She didn’t sugar coat what the procedure entailed, so my expectations were set realistically, and I felt really prepared for the whole process.

Following the surgery, I was surprised to feel absolutely fine. I had no pain at all! I just felt mild discomfort for a few days, and then I felt great - ready to start the next stage in my weight loss journey!

In the months following my gastric bypass surgery, the weight started going down and my health and wellbeing just got better and better. I now feel so much healthier and happier than I have done in a long time. My arthritis has pretty much disappeared, and my thyroid levels are back on point – it’s amazing! I’m also so much more confident than I’ve ever been before.

My patient advisor has been absolutely fantastic – she’s helped me through so much. All the dieticians at the hospital have always kept in touch and were available to me whenever I needed them. I felt completely looked after at every step of the journey.

The whole thing has been brilliant. I’ve lost 9 stone up until now (9 months on) and I’m continuing to lose more. I can’t wait to see where my weight loss journey will take me next.

Shannon McGaughey
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