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Picnic Season is Upon Us

Long lazy summer days are perfect for picnics.

Picnics can be as simple as a sandwich and an apple or as adventurous as you like.

You will need some plastic containers to transport your food, some plastic cutlery if necessary and some disposable cups and plates. Don’t forget to freeze an ice pack the night before to keep your food chilled and have your cool bag or picnic basket ready to pack.

Some picnic ideas:

Main Course

  • French stick, pitta bread, ciabatta, bagel, roll or normal bread with low fat cheese, chicken, ham, tuna, smoked salmon, prawns or egg.
  • Chicken drumsticks.
  • Flavoured chicken pieces like Tai or Chinese.
  • Pasta salad.
  • Crackers with low fat cream cheese, low fat grated cheese or low fat humous.

A Side Dish

  • A fresh green salad.
  • Breadsticks with a low calorie dip like low fat cream cheese.
  • Vegetable sticks like carrots and celery.
  • Crunchy low fat coleslaw.
  • Low fat potato salad.
  • Crabsticks.
  • Sliced peppers or cucumber with salsa dip.
  • Waldorf salad.
  • Low fat cheese cubes.


  • Fresh fruit salad.
  • Dried fruit.
  • Little box of raisins.
  • Mini apple or baby bananas.
  • Fruit salad kebab.
  • Squeezy low fat yoghurts (no spoon needed).
  • Fromage frais pot.
  • Low fat yoghurt pot.


  • Bottled water.
  • Sparkling low calorie waters.
  • Cans of diet drinks.
  • Low calories squash.
  • Little cartons of milk.
  • Smoothie cartons.
  • Fresh fruit juice – unsweetened.

Extra Snacks  - just choose one

  • Low fat crisps.
  • Small fairy cake.
  • Muesli bar.
  • One or two cookies.
  • Small pack of nuts.

Keep your portions nice and small, don’t forget the 20+ rule and go easy on any of the treats

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