Juggling a busy live

This is something most of us can relate to but don’t let it affect your weight loss. Read on to find out ways to manage this so you still lose weight

Let’s face it – in today’s day and age everybody has busy lives – work, kids, exercise, socialising, and housework. It can be hard enough to juggle all the usual jobs without having to try and find the time to cook from scratch every night or go for a mammoth exercise session to burn those calories. There is a lot of juggling going on so any little tips to help make things easier can only be a help:

  • Plan your meals for the week – it can literally take just a few minutes and can stop that daily hassle of wondering what to cook and running out to get all the ingredients you need. Jot them down then get in your food shopping based on the meals you have chosen.
  • Order your shopping online and get it delivered - this saves you loads of time, you can stick to a budget more easily and you are less likely to pick up any goodies since you can’t see them to tempt you
  • Put your exercise session in your diary like a meeting....and stick to it. It’s there, it’s documented so get it done and you will spend less time worrying about it
  • Batch cook your meals and portion them perfectly ready to freeze – you will have your own stock of ready meals in your freezer except they are home cooked, healthy ones – saves lots of time rather than cooking from scratch every night
  • Some pre – packed options are ok – salad bags for example – open the bag or bowl and add a handful to your meals
  • Save a little portion of your evening meal sometimes and have it for your lunch the next day – one less meal to worry about
  • If you are cooking a nice family favourite like spaghetti Bolognese or shepherds’ pie but it’s a softer meal you can still have it. Just add the crunch – salad or crunchy veg for example. Life is too short for cooking lots of separate meals
  • Multi – task – waiting at the side of the pool at your kids swimming lessons or pitch side at a footie match – answer your emails on your phone or order your shopping – make sure you don’t miss the important bits with the kids though
  • Do you spend your life waiting on the washing machine and sorting clothes – put a load of washing on at night. Then in the morning it is ready to hang out, pop on the clothes horse or in the dryer
  • Save time in the morning – the night before have your lunch box packed (and the kids ones), clothes laid out, work bag packed so you can get ready and you are good to goThere are many ways you can save time – just remember to make some time for you – you are just as important as everybody else in your family
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